"I am greatly humbled & honored to be receiving this award on behalf of Gedeon GRC Consulting. I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to AWCWA for this honor."

Public eye: May Alice Wells, 27

Never underestimate the power of a woman

Article: Steven J. Ferrari

Outreach Event for Delta Air Lines 

"AWCWA will be working with The Goodwill Back 2 Work (B2W) program to form a Vocational training partnership. In the past, AWCWA has done a construction works collaboration with Goodwill. The partnership is expanding to new levels and vartious pre-construction, carpentry programs will be available to the Goodwill clients.

For 9 years, Association for Women's Construction Workers of America, Inc. (AWCWA) has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the advancement of women in construction, partnered with other educational institutions to build programs to educate for a better informed workforce and with workforce agencies in the construction and professional service industries to providing under-served members of our global communities opportunities."     

                                                                                                                                                                                         -Luis Aucapina

Seen: (left to right): Herlema Owens (AWCWA), Nelly O. Gedeon (Honoree)

"The day Herlema Owens donned her first hard hat and work boots, she knew that a career in construction was the right move for her. Standing outside in the fresh air, getting plenty of exercise and doing a job where she felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day was like a dream come true."

Photograph: Allison Michael Orenstein

"On a recent evening in April women from across the nation working in all facets of the construction industry - from business owners and professionals to tradeswomen - met at the General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen for a rare, first-of-its-kind event: The NYC Gathering of Women in Construction. The forum was organized to provide women in the industry an opportunity to network, speak and explore ways to deal with the hurdles still faced in a heavily male-dominated field and the incremental progress that is being made."

(From Left) STV, Inc., Project Manager Joseph Cenzoprano, Herlema Owens and May Alice Wells, Association of Women Construction Workers of America (AWCWA).

Shown (from left) are: Lenore Janis, PWC; Victoria Dengel, General Society; Melina Harris, Sisters in the Building Trades; Herlema Owens, Association of Women Construction Workers of America,Inc. (AWCWA).

The Glass Ceiling: 

Queens Women Look To Break Barriers

"On May 17th M/WBEs gathered together to get a heads-up on contracting opportunities for Phase 2 of the Delta Air Line Terminal 4 Redevelopment project at JFK International Airport. The Regional Alliance conducted the event which assembled the project team headed by Amy Chase, Delta General Manager, and Ryan Marzullo, Delta Air Lines Program Director. James Steven P.E. Port Authority of NY & NJ, JFK Physical Plant & Redevelopment and Linda Johnson Port Authority of NY & NJ, Manager, Business Development, welcomed the crowd of enthusiastic contractors."

"There are women today who have left the industry primarily because of the harassment or the lack of respect. But this is an ideal type of industry for a woman – it works with our strengths.”

Association of Women Construction Workers of America, Inc.     AWCWA CELEBRATING 17 YEARS!

​​​​​​​Building Success with AWCWA Partnership With Goodwill Industries of Greater NY & NJ 

AWCWA Building Bridges of Awareness: Advocating for Women and Minority Rights. Doing Workforce Development and Workplace Compliance!

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Women from construction industry meet at NYC Gathering at the General Society

Nelly Gedeon Accepts the

AWCWA Company of the Year Award

Article: AnnMarie Costella

"How’d you get into construction?"

"So I applied to this program called the Association of Women Construction Workers of America. I went to all these events, met people, and learned more about the industry and what it had to offer."