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Association of Women Construction Workers of America, Inc. (AWCWA)

knows that construction is a career that can change the life of a person who has been in trouble. "As long as they right their wrong, the industry don't hold it against you." It is an industry that creates self-worth. Building Success with AWCWA is a program that is a life changing experience, we really look to make a difference."

​           Herlema Owens, President & Founder

Sharon Griffith
Project Manager

Communities & Local Government,



Our Outreach team at Building Success with AWCWA needs your help immediately! Career and technical educational training is in high demand, for disadvantaged and under-served individuals across America. Partner with us to help meet this demand. 


AWCWA Building Bridges of Awareness: Advocating for Women and Minority Rights. Doing Workforce Development and Workplace Compliance!

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  • Alumni & Membership
  • Annual Fundraisers
  • Building Partners and Resources for Students & Members
  • Community Partnership

Association of Women Construction Workers of America, Inc.     AWCWA CELEBRATING 17 YEARS!

2006 - Association of Women Construction Workers of America, Inc. (AWCWA) was founded by Herlema Owens.

2011 - Herlema Owens founded Building Success with AWCWA and then partners with AWCWA Education Director Joi Beard.

2015-2016 - Ms. Owens build a pre-construction trade training program from Nassau BOCES Adult Education. The organization is growing.

Edward Gray

Edward B. Gray High School

recent programs

BUILDING SUCCESS with AWCWA Pre-Construction Program and Referral Services

BUILDING SUCCESS with AWCWA with Nassau Boces


Passionately advocate for the advancement of women in construction and partner with other educational institutions to build programs to educate for a better informed workforce and provide under-served members of our global communities opportunities.

​​Ghenya B. Grant, Esq.
Founding Partner

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Our founder

  • Literacy Training
  • Pre-Construction, Professional Service, Aviation and Safety Training
  • Networking Events
  • Workforce Development and Business Workshops