Association of Women Construction Workers of America, Inc.     AWCWA CELEBRATING 17 YEARS!

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AWCWA, Inc. is an equal opportunity organization.


Proof of Income

  • Current Year Proof of Public Assistance
  • Benefits and current UBI payments
  • Current letter from employer
  • Eligibility for Unemployment
  • HRA Card
  • HRA Current Budget print out
  • HRA Re-certification Letter
  • Notarized statement from your non-parental Financial Support Provider
  • Three (3) recent paystubs

To be considered for any programs offered by the AWCWA, you must submit and successfully complete all aspects of the application process. The applications process includes: submitting documentation from each section below. A TABE test and interview, please note you must contact and make an appointment to review your TABE test results with a staff member. 

AWCWA Building Bridges of Awareness: Advocating for Women and Minority Rights. Doing Workforce Development and Workplace Compliance!

Online Registration

AWCWA ​Educating For A Better Informed Workforce!

*In-person signature required at interview.*

Proof of Residency Status

  •  Birth Certificate
  •  Proof of current address
  •  Picture ID
  •  Social Security Card
  •  Veterans DD214
  •  High School/Equivalent Diploma
  •  GED Exam Transcript/Score Sheet